Sunday, October 2, 2011

Molten Lava Cake

Have you ever enjoy a molten lava cake at a restaurant? I just love the chocolate that oozes out of the cake when I cut into the cake with my fork (or spoon). I came home one evening after eating one of these delicious desserts at a local restaurant and decided I would try to make my own. It was much easier than I anticipated...and yummy!

dark chocolate cake mix
eggs (however many cake mix box requires~usually 3)
vegetable oil (however much cake mix box requires)
hot fudge (I use Hershey's.)
vanilla icecream
chocolate Magic Shell


1. Mix cake mix according to box instructions, and bake in mini bundt pans or large muffin tins on temperature box suggests...for as long as box suggests.
2. Cool mini cakes a few minutes in pans. Then remove mini cakes from pans and finish cooling on wire rack.
3. Make a well in the middle of each mini cake with a serrated knife. (I use a steak knife.)
4. Spoon out well.
5. Warm hot fudge in microwave just long enough so it will pour.
6. Spoon hot fudge into well.
7. Put mini cakes filled with hot fudge in freezer for 2 hours+. (If I am not going to serve them that day, I wrap the mini cakes individually with plastic wrap. These are nice to have for last minute guests.)

When ready to serve:
1. Microwave mini cake on high for 45 seconds.
2. Put one scoop of icecream on top of well.
3. Drizzle Magic Shell chocolate on top.

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